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  1. Nursia Extra 75cl


    Birra Nursia Extra has a bewitching brown hue with luminous ruby reflections and a creamy, compact and persistent head. It is characterized by notes of fresh yeast and macerated dark fruits, embellished with a touch of cacao. A well-structured beer dominated by malty flavours with hints of caramel and liqueur, rounded off by a warm, dry and peppery finish.
  2. Nursia Bionda 75cl


    Birra Nursia Bionda is a golden, luminous beer with a creamy, compact and persistent head. When young, its fresh aroma is dominated by the spiciness of coriander and a light lemon zest bitterness. With time it develops an ethereal floral perfume. The palate is enlivened by the hop and malt notes, and the cheerful carbonation and gentle, dry finish nicely...